Jessica Brackett shares some darkness

Through still life painting, I aim to set up a scene that creates a metaphor for the darker parts of the human condition. Through each piece I want to share that darkness with others, and in turn get people thinking about their own heartache, and how they too can turn their pain into something meaningful and empowering.~Jessica BrackettSwarm We have all experienced horrific injustice, deep pain, disappointment, loneliness, etc. I seek to use this commonality as a way to connect as well as give hope, or at the very least a beautiful image to rest the eyes from the ugliness of the world. In my series “Respite”, I use plants, insects, and puddles to discuss the fragility inherent in nature and the human condition.The_Duel_III_Jessica_Brackett Insects swarm and overwhelm a plant, cigarette butts suffocate a lone koi fish, and winged creatures work tirelessly to save a bouquet of flowers. All of nature works together in saving itself, it is only man who goes against this grain and instead chooses self-destruction and isolation. In my work I aim to share this vision with others. I seek to inspire a shift in our thinking of nature and, in turn, ourselves. BeesJarPainted How_Koi_You_Were_Jessica_Brackett Koi2_Jessica_Brackett Looking_Back Rescue_Mission_Jessica_Brackett Trapped_Jessica_Brackett Visitation_Jessica_Brackett