Katharina Pinter’s reality twisting oil paintings

My name is Katharina Pinter, I’m an eighteen year old student and fine artist living in Austria and I’d like to submit my work to Artists Inspire Artists! Most of my paintings and drawings are basically my twist on reality. I primarily work with oils, but I love trying out new techniques and styles every once in a while. I’m still at the beginning of my career as an artist, but I aspire to be able to live from making art in the near future.You can view my work on my Behance portfolio. 01ff1c32537019.56898d0abdb92 6fc64432730567.569152e049e4f 7e6d9630747177.5630f8da6458c 14b94333197057.56a390261330d 30fd3033510201.56ae1cc43fb02 40ba2431652809.565b41c2358a4 45c3c731862603.5664582caf61a a559dd32375609.568c1e8fe7886 d92efd32242977.56758f0f9f5a6 dece0a34114012.56c492a46d121 e4746831091583.5640f5bc6f8ae f5717c33359221.56a8d623c2920