Marzena Ablewska – Paintings

Art for Marzena Ablewska began as a form of therapy, an escape – and then developed into a full-time occupation. TheĀ goal of the art school grad is to capture and impart a sense of our the metaphysical situation. She was influenced by Witkacy’s ‘pure form’, and Leszek Kolakowsi’s focus on the human condition.

Marzena Ablewska - Paintings tumblr_nbl5pwnQmF1qbmgeto3_500 tumblr_nbl5pwnQmF1qbmgeto4_500 sprawy sercowe tumblr_nbl5pwnQmF1qbmgeto6_500 tumblr_nbl5pwnQmF1qbmgeto7_500

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