Painting the residue of essence – Sam Nejati

Most of my artwork (painting, collages,photography) grow from one another and for better say they all feed each other. My work explores the shared emotional and spiritual of human existence. Bring to life the “universal and ethereal auras” that emerges from being alive. I am interested in dealing with residue of the essence. One dose not necessarily needs to paint figures in order to create human feeling on universal level. ~Sam Nejatidevine_voices_58x63_inches_acrylic_on_canvasattentivness-80x80-inches-acrylic-on-canvas-23000 eternity-80x80-inches-acrylic-on-canavs-23000 falling-stars-90x80-inchacrylic-on-canvas-25000 rain_of_blessings_72x60_inches_acrylic_on_canvas-2 symbiosis_60x48_inches_acrylic_on_canvas-2 the_tone_of_being_30x30_inches_acrylic_on_canavs