Paradoxical perceptions by Fleur Helluin

My favorite thing is to look at people’s faces in a very embarrassing way. The screen-oriented culture has changed a lot of things in terms of figure: our positions, the light that hits our faces, the point of view of the different images, etc. My works questions our perception of the reality or realities through our relationship with techniques, between sensitive experience and metaphysics. Through the representation of the contemporary figure (and our use of digital technologies) in the traditional medium of oil painting, I try to shed a new light on the paradoxical mechanisms of the perception of ourselves and the world.~Fleur Helluin I started working on this in 2004 during a 2 months stay in Taipei, Taiwan. The screen-culture was much more spread there than in France at the time. I was fascinated by the young people spending days at the Internet Cafés. They were ‘online’, how could this be represented through their figure? It’s a huge change in the way we perceive the world. Perception is reality, and I like to give the feeling of an augmented reality, or modified reality. This idea is incorporated in my use of the paint. I’m not painting hyper-realistically, because I don’t think perception is hyper.I start a painting with an idea and the paint drives me somewhere else through a series of accidents. The mediums, oils, varnishes, pigments ; the linen, wood, glue, everything is fascinating in the creation of a painting.