The harmonious world of Peter Häusser

Hey! I am a German painter living in Berlin and I am very passionate about abstract art! I created a unique series of abstract animal paintings, by using mixed media – I combine traditional ink drawing with digital editing. The series includes some of my favorite animals… and there are many more yet to come! ~Peter Häusser  12-hippo-hc3a4usser16-panda-hc3a4usser17-buffalo-hc3a4usser19-deer-hc3a4usserCharacteristic to my style is the simplicity of forms and colours creating an inner harmony and tranquillity in the most abstract way. Most of all I want to express a positive feeling – there is nothing complicated to explain about in my artworks, but more the message of optimism and harmony. Anyway, I don’t exactly know why I love abstract art so much, but maybe it is because it doesn’t show you the world as we already know it – it gives you a new world that opens up by your own interpretation and feelings. I hope you like it! abstrakt-bc3a4ume-hc3a4ff berglandschaft-hc3a4usser farbtube-hc3a4usser-3 figuren-nach-picasso hc3a4usser-6 magic-screwdriver-hc3a4usser the-pen-is-mightier-than-the-sword-2