Responses to inner-needs – The paintings of Marie Rioux

My artistic language is primarily and profoundly instinctive, intuitive and non-conforĀ­mist. In the studio, I paint in oil or acrylic, adding pastel or pencil on occasion. First of all with urgency, the primal impulse ta create. Then an initial composition emerges, followed by the work of reconstruction. I use monochromes in particular ta produce a dramatic effect and accentuate the seriousness of my aim.~Marie RiouxRandomly, over the course of the passing days and as I walk about, my eye picks up in a quirky manner the forms, lines, saturated colours and vibrations of my surroundings and records them in my subconscious. Back in front of my canvas these elements spring back, are revealed and shape my own aesthetic.For me it is essential that my paintings project a certain duality and that they be enigmatic and open to various readings. I do not work with the viewer and his or her expectations in mind. It is up to them to find their own resonance, their own meanings and pleasure. Nor do I work according ta the artistic currents of the day. What I do is above all a response to an inner need, independent of trends.