Scenes of life by Miquel Cazaña

My name is Miquel Cazaña and I’m a painter and illustrator from Barcelona, Spain. My life and my work are framed in a constant search for answers  with an inner need to work and experiment without stopping; to find something solid, necessary and permanent.

After studying graphic design at the School of Badalona Pau Gargallo (2002-2003), I studied illustration at the Massana School (2002-2005), and was lucky to have good teachers teaching such as Pep Montserrat and Arnal Ballester, who encouraged us to live illustration and art in a personal way.

As for the subject of my work, I try in every picture to make is tinged with meaning and spirituality, the result of professional work is inner work that started at age 23, at the beginning of my career, and inevitably has been influencing my work.

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