Sleepless by Christine Wu

SArtist Christine Wu creates multi-layered images capturing people in moments of vulnerability and introspection. In her current solo exhibit, titled Sleepless, Wu is interested in memory as a subjective construct, which she expresses through the use of multiple vantage points, or moments, resembling double-exposure photography.

Per Thinkspace Art Gallery where the exhibit is being held: “Her evocative and sensual depictions explore themes such as nostalgia and metaphysical becoming, expressing ephemeral states through physical manifestations of subjectivity. Wu incorporates abstract gestures into her works, often dissolving edges and contours to conflate environments and disrupt the representation of bodies, splintering and splitting the cohesion of an illusory whole in favor of a more experientially realistic incoherence.”

Sleepless is on display at the Thinkspace Art Gallery in Los Angeles through February 20th. [h/t]EarlyRiser-850x1024 WhenWereYouLastHere-850x1024 wu1_TheyllComeBackTheresWaterHere wu3_IWanttoLeavethePartyImNotHavingFunAnymore wu4_YouHaveToSaytheBadStufftoGetThemOutofYourBrain wu5_RoseofNoMansLand wu8_DontBeScaredItsOnlytheOcean wu9_AllYourFriendsAreAssholes wu91_BurningsOccuredBeheadings wu92_SouthernPolitics