The arresting portraits of Meredith Marsone

New Zealand-based artist, Meredith Marsone, paints portraits in oil that seize the viewer’s attention and doesn’t let go. She explores the boundaries of representation and abstraction in her latest works of people who seem to disappear into smears of color. They immediately astound the viewer with a powerful burst of emotion.

“Marsone’s work is at once accessible and relatable but leaves the audience wondering the deeper context,” written on her website. “She purposefully leaves this up to the mind of the viewer encouraging you to create your own narrative and meaning from the figures in their chaotic and emotive environs.”

She’s currently showing work in a group show at Haven Gallery in New York and will be part of a group show in January at Smash Gallery in San Francisco. [h/t]image1-3 IMG_1389 IMG_1810 IMG_2045 IMG_2046 IMG_2285_2 IMG_2288_2 IMG_2787 img1448501830399 Sleeping+woman+with+Fantail Tattoo+man