The figurative works of Jason Shawn Alexander

Jason Shawn Alexander is an expressionist and figurative painter currently based in LA and originally from Tennessee. His works aim to “embody the vulnerability, fear, and underlying strengths that come from his rural upbringing” in Tennessee. His writhing nude figures occupy the canvas together and we’re given a small glimpse into their inner workings through their expressions of anger, disappointment, or desire. Alexander’s thick and loosely applied layers of paint give the compositions a spontaneous look. As if the characters have coalesced organically from the chaotic backgrounds of color and dripped paint they stand in front of.

Previously, Alexander worked as a draftsman for comic book publishers like Marvel, DC Comics, and Dark Horse. In the last five years, he began focusing most of his time on painting but does maintain his comic roots through various projects, having recently collaborated on Batman, Creepy and Hellraiser. [h/t]Jason-Shawn-Alexander2 Jason-Shawn-Alexander3 Jason-Shawn-Alexander4 195198-004-14in.psd009.psdJason-Shawn-Alexander5 Jason-Shawn-Alexander8 195198-002-14in.psd Jason-Shawn-Alexander10 192335_12