The impressionistic works of Stev’nn Hall combine the fields of painting and photography

Ontario-based artist Stev’nn Hall erases the boundary between photography and painting in his colorful and dramatic landscape works. Growing up in rural Ontario, Hall was always carrying a 35mm camera in one hand and a paintbrush in the other. He would go on to study both photography and painting at university. And he sought to reconnect with those roots in his latest works inspired by images of the rural environment he grew up in. The results are vivid, energetic portrayals of farmhouses, roads, and big skies laden with textured, Impressionistic brushstrokes.

“The images are filled with the dualistic wonder of a young mind, which in Hall’s case depict an enchantment with nature’s vastness, and the threat of its power and unknown transformative character,” summarizes his website. [source]stevnnhall1 stevnnhall2 stevnnhall3 stevnnhall4 stevnnhall7 stevnnhall9 stevnnhall10 stevnnhall11 stevnnhall12 stevnnhall13