The ‘Pyramid’ trilogy by Darren Cranmer

I’ve been drawing from as long as I can remember and have been freelancing, doing illustration and graphic design . This year I relocated to the beautiful Zala county in Hungary from the island of Guernsey to start a new eco and sustainable life with less monetary constraint. From the planning of this move it became apparent that my creativity thrives through creating imagery with cerebral underpinning so I am focusing on establishing myself as a visual artist.

I am now developing several series of oil paintings, the ‘Pyramid’ trilogy being my first ever oil paintings. My art form up until this year has been created using graphite and charcoal drawings or acrylic paintings which has probably allowed me to expand into oil painting without prior practice. Discovering oils has invoked an evolution in my work and how I can convey ideas – I feel I can create more atmosphere. My work is commonly concerned with scientific, psychological and socio-cultural issues which I explore through surreal and symbolic execution. I like using interconnectivity juxtaposed with fragmentation or partial reveal because I believe this aptly represents how humankind attempts to make sense of everything, especially through the prism of current socio-cultural paradigm. ~Darren Cranmer

Hidden-Pyramid-Surrounding---1000px---DIGITAL Hidden-Pyramid-Throughout---1000px---DIGITAL Hidden-Pyramid-Within---1000px---DIGITALSome Other Works…
1984--1000x1000px--Template--DIGITAL DD--Futurepast--1000x1000px--DIGITAL DD--Shaven-Monkeys--1000x1000px--DIGITAL Kristie-DIGITAL MrUpsyDownsy1-1000x1000px--DIGITAL