Asya Kozina – Sculpture

Ukrainian artist,  Asya Kozina‘s paper sculptures are inspired by the different ethnic wedding dresses from the area where she lives. They are in part meant to reinvigorate the tradition of the ethnic wedding dress, a custom which is slowly dying out.

dolls011 wedding-gear-paper-sculptures-asya-kozina_01 wedding-gear-paper-sculptures-asya-kozina_02 wedding-gear-paper-sculptures-asya-kozina_03 (1) wedding-gear-paper-sculptures-asya-kozina_04 wedding-gear-paper-sculptures-asya-kozina_10 wedding-gear-paper-sculptures-asya-kozina_12 wedding-gear-paper-sculptures-asya-kozina_13 wedding-gear-paper-sculptures-asya-kozina_15


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