Breaking Waves Project – Sculpture

This giant sculpture of moving orbs was created by the a collaboration between robotics firms, physicists and all sorts of artists. The Breaking Waves project is on display at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences’ Nature Research Center.

“Suspended from 36 motorized rollers which move along the contours of a massive steel cam to create their wavelike movement, after Breaking Wave’s 804 spheres rise and fall, the spheres amass into a disordered form loosely resembling electrons in an electron cloud. When observed from two specific spots in Biogen-Idec’s lobby, however, the viewer finds either a labyrinthian spiral, or a floral representation of the Fibonacci Sequence.”

Breaking Waves Project - Sculpture 1409066301Upper_Mechanism 1409066303Balls_closeup 1409066303Wave_ascending fed514ab1388262b358f05c4e59ec133_vice_670 Breaking Waves Project - Sculpture 1409066304Wave_side_view 1409066304Labyrinth


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