Markus Linnenbrink’s Colorful Harmony

Markus Linnenbrink, German-born but currently living and working in New York, isn’t an artist who uses colour sparingly. Instead, like a glutton dining at an ‘all you can eat’ restaurant, Linnenbrink wastes nothing, splashing his paintings with as much colour available, his vertical lines swamping photographs, obscuring their subject matter. Yet despite his insatiable thirst for colour, his methods are thoughtful, the result being a body of work that looks beautifully harmonic.

The Colorful Harmony of Markus Linnenbrink 21860-v1 21862-v1 bringlightbacktosound-1 diedrittedimension2 diedrittedimensionout2 diedrittedimensionwand khneu0272 p5269gr p1030890 The Colorful Harmony of Markus Linnenbrink