Delicate leaf bowls are made from the skeletons of real leaves

These elegant bowls are made from the skeletons of real maple leaves. Japanese artist Kay Sekimachi created them by adding Kozo paper, watercolor, and Krylon coating to the leaves, thereby giving them solid form. The leaves’ veins are emphasized in the resulting works and exude a ghostly appearance.

Sekimachi is best known for her intensive loom works. And she first started this endeavor in college when she saw students working on weaving looms. She decided immediately to spend her entire savings on a loom despite not knowing anything about weaving. Throughout her career, she’s created works of art using organic materials such as leaves, hornet’s nest paper, and grass.

Sekimachi will join her husband and fellow artist, Bob Stocksdale in a show called The Realm of Nature at the Bellevue Arts Museum July 3 to October 18.  [h/t]

leaf-bowl-art-kai-sekimachi-1 leaf-bowl-art-kai-sekimachi-2 leaf-bowl-art-kai-sekimachi-3 leaf-bowl-art-kai-sekimachi-4 leaf-bowl-art-kai-sekimachi-5 leaf-bowl-art-kai-sekimachi-7 leaf-bowl-art-kai-sekimachi-9