Feather art by Chris Maynard

Hi! I discovered recently a great artist – Chris Maynard. He creates a beautiful and unique, bird themed art using various natural feathers. Maynard’s feathers used in art are collected from aviaries after natural molting, with no harm to the bird.You can access artists webpage by clicking the following link http://www.featherfolio.com/ Hopefully you will appreciate his work as much as I do. Kind regards, KamilaFeather Art by Chris Maynard 11234967_1104145509599147_6188372712561658000_n Feather Art by Chris Maynard 11873461_1116727021674329_981336425313978958_n 11902539_1121729327840765_3711678504051191856_n Feather Art by Chris Maynard 12049152_1137852976228400_3903224292252532083_n crow-Roost-Tree

[images via facebook.com/featherfolio]