Intricate wooden sculptures by Joshua Abarbanel

Organic and geometric shapes grow on top of each other and create an otherworldly form. Artist Joshua Abarbanel carved these sculptures from wood in his latest series. The highly detailed pieces appear at times organically flowing and highly structured, like what a coral reef would look like if it were built by robots.

“The works continue Abarbanel’s exploration of form and pattern, using shapes, colors, and compositions evocative of biological, botanical, geological, and mechanical structures,” Abarbanel said in his bio. “Finding inspiration in fractals, accretive formations, and the Fibonacci sequence, Abarbanel creates art that often simultaneously evokes microscopic and aerial perspectives, such that the compositions serve as metaphors for archetypal relationships between people, between individuals and communities, and between humankind and the planet. His work also illustrates how disparate parts can come together to make a whole in beautiful and startling ways.”

The works are currently on display at Art Share L.A. through July 25. [h/t]

Intricate wooden sculptures by Joshua Abarbanel Intricate wooden sculptures by Joshua Abarbanel JoshuaAbarbanel3 JoshuaAbarbanel4 JoshuaAbarbanel5 JoshuaAbarbanel6