Michael Mapes – Collage Sculptures

The great thing about American artist, Michael Mapes‘ collage sculptures is that they provide two distinct visual experiences – when you stand back you get the larger picture, the grand portrait – and when you get up close, you get lost in all the intricacies of the individual, tiny objects making up piece. 

Michael Mapes' collage sculptures 1-Michael-Mapes-yatzer 2-Michael-Mapes-yatzer 3-Michael-Mapes-yatzer 4-Michael-Mapes-yatzer 8-Michael-Mapes-yatzer 12-Michael-Mapes-yatzer 21-Michael-Mapes-yatzer 22-Michael-Mapes-yatzer 33-Michael-Mapes-yatzer 41-Michael-Mapes-yatzer 52-Michael-Mapes-yatzer 81-Michael-Mapes-yatzer 441-Michael-Mapes-yatzer f-Michael-Mapes-yatzer g0-Michael-Mapes-yatzer g2-Michael-Mapes-yatzer

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