Nissan Kinjalina offers an illuminating new take on household objects with “Living Light” lamp

Nissan Kinjalina, a designer from Kazakhstan, has created a striking new design for a common object – the Living Light lamp, a translucent container which appears as though light has been simply poured into it.

Created in a range of different sizes and offering varying levels of light, the lamps are made from a metal frame, the lower portion of which is encased in a thin layer of acrylic. Once illuminated, this gives the impression of a kind of liquid light being emitted from the lamp – playing with perspective and creating an object which is at once familiar and surreal.

The Living Light lamp is a simple but striking design – a playful way to bring a usually forgotten object into the spotlight. [h/t]

Nissa-Kinjalina_Living_Light_01 Nissa-Kinjalina_Living_Light_02 Nissa-Kinjalina_Living_Light_03 Nissa-Kinjalina_Living_Light_04 Nissa-Kinjalina_Living_Light_05