Ornate sculptures made of bone by John Paul Azzopardi

Maltese artist John Paul Azzopardi creates hauntingly dark sculptures constructed from bones. At once, they have a classically gothic and modern design. The bones themselves create intricate curlicue shapes with a highly crafted look. Included in his works are animal skulls, bats, axe-wielding men from mythological stories, and menacing beasts.

“[It] is a collection of fossilized structures that explores the gentle temperance located within the constitution of sound, i.e. it’s very silent center,” Azzopardi says about his work. “The architectural relationship that oscillates back and forth from the simple and the complex to the living and the dead connects space and form, creating existential structures of interwoven silence. The death embedded in it’s form, it’s life. This might confront the spectator with a spectre, the simulacrum of itself that stalls, halts being something in it’s tracks.” [h/t beautifuldecay.com]

Untitled-No-2 Untitled-No.6-detail-2 Untitled-No.6-detail-1 Untitled-No.5-detail-2 Untitled-No.5 Untitled-No.4-detail-1 Untitled-back-2009 Untitled-Angle-2009 STUDY-OF-HAECKELS-VAMPYRUS Study-Detail-from-D.-Mylius-Opus-Medico-Chymicum Medico-Chymicum-detail-3