Paper-cut maps by Anna Maria Bellman

There is something deeply satisfying about a really well-drawn map. Any good map will convey the information it needs to convey in as methodical a way as possible. But a great map will do it with flare. Perhaps that’s why Anna Maria Bellman’s paper-cut maps are so mesmerizing to look at. They are functional works of art which play perfectly with proportions and line-weight to give us a whole new way to look at representations of geography. The German artist’s work is heavily influenced by her travels and she’s created depictions of various cities including London, Berlin, New York, Paris, and Rome.

Gathering inspiration from her travels to more remote places, Bellman also cuts forms with natural and floral patterns. But whether she’s depicting the city or the wild outdoors, the process remains the same. Plain white paper is cut by hand and light and shadow remain the essence of her work. [h/t]Bellman1 Bellman2 Bellman5 Bellman6 Bellman7 Bellman9 Bellman10 Bellman14 Bellman15 Bellman16 Bellman17