The Incredibly Dynamic 3D Street Art of Odeith

Maverick Portuguese street artist Odeith is a little different from his contemporaries – he produces 3D anamorphic images that literally leap out of the wall at you. His subjects, often alien-like, tentacled, metallic structures, certainly feel futuristic, and I get the impression that Odeith’s art would blend perfectly with music of the dub-step and drum ’n’ bass kind. It’s hip, dynamic, and it feels alive. Spray painted in the right neighbourhoods, it has the ability to even feel ominous. His words of advice are littered with action words, as he urges young artists to reach a ‘higher level of perfection,’ insisting that we should never quit our dreams. Known as The Illusionist, he also works as a tattooist, and if you’re ever in Lisbon, make sure to check his work out.

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z-Odeith-Anamorphic-3D-character-painting-bombing-ladders Odeith-Anamorphic-reflected-triangle-rock-standing-3-mirrors Odeith-Anamorphic-graffiti-letters-Glossy-glass-effect Odeith-anamorphic-chrome-tubes-lettering-standing-2-holes-top-red-light Odeith-Anamorphic-3D-Graffiti-Letters-simulating-2-mirrors-Lisboa-Portugal Odeith-Anamorphic-3D-Graffiti-Letters-Orange-fluor-Light-Reflected Odeith-Anamorphic-3D-Graffiti-Letters-Behond-Human-Imagination-spray-can-roaches-2-mirrors-simulation Odeith-Anamorphic-3D-Graffiti-Letters-and-Character-2-walls-and-floor-Lisboa-Portugal Odeith-aligator-stading-on-Anamorphic-3d-chrome-letters-Greetings-from-Baton-Rouge Odeith-5-walls-Anamorphic-3D-Graffiti-Letters-leopard-standing-inside-room-Lisboa-Portugal Graffiti-writer-standing-outside-the-wall-Anamorphic-metallic-letters-odeith-Palmela-Portugal anamorphic-chrome-letters-odeith-MONEY-CANT-BUY-FREEDOM-2015