Street artist 1010 creates stunning 3D mural in Paris

A hole has appeared next to a highway in the French capital, but there’s nothing for locals to worry about – it’s just the latest work by street artist 1010. Known for playing with perspective and creating optical illusions on public pavements and walls, 1010 uses a carefully chosen array of colors and tones to create art that appears 3D – suggesting layers beneath the surface he’s working on. His new piece, which resembles a brightly colored cave or fissure, is an enormous 4,500 square meters in size and took 400 liters of paint and seven days to create.

1010 himself enjoys creating art that prompts people to stop and think, saying, “I like to play with the perceptions of human beings […] sometimes we think something is static but it’s not. If you change the perspective you see it in a different way.”  [h/t]

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