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Jeff Simpson – Digital Art

Jeff Simpson is an illustrator and concept artists living in Montreal Quebec. He works at Eidos, and in the past worked extensively on the concept art for the video game Assassin’s...

Sean Thomas Pantings

Sean Thomas – Pantings

Artist Sean Thomas see his method as painting still-life from a photograph, reducing the large image into a more stripped dow, simplistic version, leaving just the picture’s essence.

Ben Young — Sculptures

Artist Ben Young was born in New Zealand and now lives in Sydney. He is a self-taught and has been making his glass sculpture for over 10 years. They were inspired by his time spent...

Sergio Mora Pop Surrealism

Sergio Mora’s Pop Surrealism

Sergio Mora is a multifaceted Spanish artist who, in his Pop Surrealism style,  takes the audience  into a fantasy, circus-like world full all sorts of interesting characters and creatures.

Marwane Pallas' Photography

Marwane Pallas’ Photography

Marwane Pallas‘ crisp, rich photograph is often about impulses and private desires. At the early age of 3, Pallas felt a strong inclination for visual art, filling binders with...