KKSTUDIOS has a fascination with the awkward and uncomfortable — to that end, they have an ongoing project where they are taking everyday, useful objects and made them into useless, awkward pieces of art.  


Famous Artists on the Power of Inspirational Art

A great article in the Huff Post that pulls together quotes from famous artists on the power of inspirational art.  Here’s a sampling of some of the inspirational insights…          


Artist Series 44 - Manu Duf

In Artists Inspire Artists’s “Artists Series” we take a look at French born illustrator, print designer, and digital artist, Manu Duf. “I have always been impressed with creation in all its forms: painting, drawing, collage, literature, music…. I started sharing this passion for creativity in social media by presenting artists and works that were important to me. Gradually, I invested a little more by sharing my own creations, mostly digital collages, […]


Eddy Stevens' Furniture Design

Eddy Stevens began painting at the age of 12. Born in Belgium, and perhaps best known for his inspirational paintings of women, Stevens also has also done furniture design.  He refers to these raw, solid, unrefined pieces as, Undefined. Here is a sampling of his work:               Eddy Stevens  


Famous Contemporary Artists at Art Basel

The Art  Basel show started back in the 1970s and it’s grown. This year the show featured over 4 billions dollars of original pieces and over 300 galleries featuring some of the most famous contemporary artists of the day.  We will feature some of the artist form Art Basel over the next couple of days. Here’s a sampling of some of the goings on at this years show:       […]


Isaac Salazar - Book of Art

Each page is carefully folded to create a typographical art piece, within each book! Ironic right?


Paint Sound Sculptures - Dentsu

A campaign for Canon’s Pixma ink printer brand, the creative studio of dentsu used sound vibrations to capture these amazing sculptures. They placed a membrane on top of a speaker, and paint drops on top of the membrane. Once they turn on the sound it makes the incredible organic sculptures.


Incredible Shadow Art

Here is a compilation of incredible shadow art. Most of which is made out of junk, literally garbage.


52 Years of Japanese Concept Cars

Here is a collection of 52 years (1957-2009) of Japanese Concept Cars. I wish a few of these were in my garage!


Carnovsky RGB Wallpapers

Clever idea really, these wallpaper consist of different overlapping illustrations which reveal themselves under blue, green, and red light.


Incredible Paper Sculptures by People Too

View the incredible work of “People Too”. The Factory and Office scene is incredibly detailed and simply amazing. Enjoy!