The Fantasy Paintings of Rhiannon Strobel

My name is Rhiannon and I’m a self-taught artist from the tiny state of Rhode Island. I learned to paint (and still am learning) through books, videos and tons of hours of practice. I complete a painting every day, working mostly in the fantasy genre. The daily paintings have become almost a meditative practice that I feel like I can’t live without. My acrylic and oil paintings are my own […]


Jean-Paul Mallozzi’s Hyper-Realistic Fantasy Paintings

Jean-Paul Mallozzi’s hyper-realistic portraits are technically brilliant and surrealistically odd. Each one looks like a frame lifted from a David Lynch movie, leaving you begging to find out what happens next. Unfortunately, Mallozzi just offers teasers, which means we have to join up the dots ourselves. What is the meaning of a blood-red fox draped around the shoulders of a terrified, ice-cold young man? Why does a woman wearing her bra […]