Awesome Illustrations by Alfonso Ebola

These illustrations by Alfonso Ebola are a combination of drawing and digital art. Ebola is very conscious of incorporating surreal and powerful inspirational elements in his work, denoting a triumph of spirit.  


The Great Nature Light Show

Nabana no Sato is a botanical garden in Japan which is turned into inspirational art every winter when they construct a huge light shows using over 7 million LEDs. This year’s display is called, “The Great Nature,” and it allows you to walk through a sunrise at Mt. Fuji, an aurora, and a rainbow.


Neil Dawson - Sculpture

SCULPTURE Here we take a look back at some of inspirational sculptures from New Zealand artist Neil Dawson.


Inspirational Photography of Nature's Grandure

Curious enough, sometimes being reminded of how insignificant we are in the face of the enormity of nature can be an inspiring though. These inspirational photographs remind us of just that. see more at []  


Caras Ionut's Surreal, Inspirational Art (2014)

Caras Ionut’s surreal and inspirational art photos got a lot of attention at the very end of 2013. We’d thought we’d take a look at what he’s been up to so far this year. If your interested in Caras’ tricks of the trade, he sells how to’s showing how he made some of his cool photographs, as well as general tutorials for photoshoping.