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Ian Sidway - Paintings

Ian Sidway – Paintings

Ian Sidway is British painter who spent many of his early years writing and teaching. He now spends his time painting landscapes using a bunch of different materials, but primarily sticks...


Joel Rea – Paintings

Joel Rea considers himself a Contemporary Surrealist Painter. He is from Australia and has won a bunch of awards for his work. His hyperrealistic paintings explore the duality of nature...

Paintings from, Suggestivism

Paintings from Suggestivism

The following paintings are from an upcoming exhibition called, Suggestivism — which’s been curator by  Nathan Spoor and will be returning for another run in the Los...

Sean Thomas Pantings

Sean Thomas – Pantings

Artist Sean Thomas see his method as painting still-life from a photograph, reducing the large image into a more stripped dow, simplistic version, leaving just the picture’s essence.

ALO Paintings

ALO Paintings

ALO is a self taught artist from Milan with a very unique style. These paintings are part of an exhibition called, ‘Hail to the Loser’…