The symbolic, dreamlike scenarios of Renzo Razzetto

My name is Renzo Razzetto and I create pen-and-ink collage style illustrations. There is no planning when it comes to designing my pieces. Everything is done spontaneously, only relying on intuition. Working in this manner allows me to remain inspired and my work soon becomes a collection of subconscious ideas, images and emotions that are capable of transforming our perception of reality. This also gives the viewer the complete freedom […]


Processing experience: the stippling work of Caleb Lewis

I started stippling as an extension of idle doodling and quickly fell for the meditative qualities and ethereal effect intrinsic to the percussive action. Initially I focused on recreating what was already there, copying from photographs or using several images to create a new scene. Over a period of time, my obsession with line started to invade my images, replacing ever greater portions of the original conception to form a […]