Art Everywhere Kicks off with Grayson Perry

Art Everywhere Kicks off with Grayson Perry

Britain’s second largest outdoor art exhibition started yesterday — Art Everywhere — with all the featured works being voted in by English art fans, a sort of people’s choice art exhibition.

25 art works will be shown on about 30, 000 billboards for six weeks. Richard Reed, one of those behind the exhibition, talked about the goal of the project, “we want it to bring little unexpected moments of surprise and joy, moments of calm and reflection. It’s all about the democratization of art so everyone can benefit from it.”

He added that Art Everywhere could be coming to a city in the U.S. (yea!), “we were really chuffed with the reaction we got last year, [and] it’s also gone international and it’s happening in America with Art Everywhere USA. It’s very exciting.

The show kicked off with one of AIA’s favorites, Grayson Perry — here’s some of his awesome work.

GPHEROArt Everywhere Kicks off with Grayson Perry GP359_The-Agony-in-the-Car-Park_2012-detail GP359_The-Agony-in-the-Car-Park_2012-FULL GP360_Expulsion-From-Number-8-Eden-Close_2012-FULL GP361_-The-Annunciation-of-the-Virgin-Deal_2012-detail GP362_The-Upper-Class-at-Bay_2012-detail

via [The Standard]

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