Abstract Reflection by Arthur Lugauskas

And so you know how this came about, well some years ago I remember this cereal box I had. And in the back of it were some little games. One of them was to read a word. But the word just looked like a barcode. Imagine long lines really close together, apparently according to this cereal box those lines spelled out a word. Soon after struggling to read the word and being confused a bit I learned that all I had to do was change my point of view in relation to the elongated lines and then the word would become easy to read. So after I viewed the lines from the bottom at an acute angle they compressed into easily readable letters. I thought that was amazing. So I decided to bring in that idea to my Abstract Reflection string installation. Specifically I wanted to achieve that effect with a red heart. So I went for it tying different lengths of red string to gray string, making my own “barcode” which was to produce a rounded heart shape when viewed from below at a small angle upwards. And it worked!~Arthur Lugauskasabstract reflection_1 abstract reflection_3 abstract reflection_6 abstract reflection_7 abstract reflection_10 abstract reflection_14 abstract reflection_20 abstract reflection_31