Alluring natural-light portraits of women by Alessio Albi

Italian photographer Alessio Albi creates hauntingly beautiful portraits of women accented by rays of natural light. Light becomes a primary focus of the work and is captured in the shadows that fall across the bare form of the subject or in the streams of light illuminating the water his subject may swim through. And the artist refuses to shy away from low-light environments, using the dim atmosphere to add to the mood of the story being portrayed.

Much of Albi’s works make use of the outdoor landscape in his base location in Italy. According to the artist, the seasons and their variations in light give him the perfect opportunity to create all sorts of works. “During winter we can have a bright sunny day, and the day after a wonderful fog. Summer light is a bit more difficult due to hard shadows, but I love it because I can shoot in water…” he said. [h/t]Alessio-Albi1 Alessio-Albi3 Alessio-Albi5 Alessio-Albi6 Alessio-Albi7 Alessio-Albi8 Alessio-Albi10 Alessio-Albi11 Alessio-Albi12 Alessio-Albi13 Alessio-Albi14 Alessio-Albi15