The Amazing Photography of 15 Year-Old David Thomsonn

Some people can just pick up a camera, point it and click, and in the process take an amazing photograph. Things like framing and composition are inborn, they come naturally. It’s like these guys don’t have to work at anything, as though their eye for photography is just a gift. Others have to work at it, they have to take lessons, learn all about the science of technique. 15 year-old Swedish photographer David Thomsson belongs to the former group. Though only fifteen years old, he already displays a prodigious aptitude for photography that has got people talking about him. A large body of his work captures complex architecture from unusual perspectives, creating the feeling of a swirling vortex, and wouldn’t look out of place in some sci-fi dystopian movie. A great future surely beckons.

David-Thomsson-photography-1 David-Thomsson-photography-2 David-Thomsson-photography-3 David-Thomsson-photography-4 David-Thomsson-photography-5 David-Thomsson-photography-6 David-Thomsson-photography-8 David-Thomsson-photography-9 David-Thomsson-photography-10 David-Thomsson-photography-13 David-Thomsson-photography-14 David-Thomsson-photography-17 David-Thomsson-photography-18 (1) David-Thomsson-photography-20

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