Amy Friends’ Light Photography

Here, at AIA we love a chance to show some interesting, innovative nuisances that you can maybe incorporate or modify for your purposes, and we think Amy Friends’ use of balls of light as an effect in her photography fits that bill.  Friends’ work isn’t concerned with capturing reality; rather it tries to deal with subjects like, time, impermanence, memory, and the flux of life.

“I “re-use” light by allowing it to shine through the holes in the images. In a somewhat playful and yet, literal manner I return the subject of the photographs back to the light, while simultaneously bringing them forward. The images are permanently altered; they are lost and reborn, hence the title, Dare alla Luce, an Italian term meaning, “to bring to the light” in reference to birth.” 

Amy Friends' Light Photography Image4_H600xW900 Image5_H600xW900 Image7_H600xW900 Image13_H600xW900 Image15_H600xW900


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