Antonio E. Ojeda’s black and white street photographs

Spanish photographer Antonio E. Ojeda is a master of street photography, capturing stunning black and white shots of people and places that allow audiences to see the everyday world from a new perspective.

Ojeda clearly understands his medium, making light and shade into an art form. He also plays with perspective, finding unusual angles from which to capture insightful images of people’s everyday lives. His subjects are mostly caught going about normal day-to-day activities – walking, crossing roads and playing sports. What’s remarkable is how Ojeda captures them – bringing things that usually pass unnoticed into the foreground, allowing us to see the beauty in everyday life. He has a particular fascination with shadows and reflections, often photographing his subjects at angles that make their real bodies almost pass unnoticed, while their shadows play out stories for them.

Seeing the world through Ojeda’s eyes is a fascinating experience, opening up new views that are well worth taking in. [h/t]

Gorgeous nude women covered in iconic super heroes by Sandra Chevrier  Classic images of comic book heroes are torn out from their pages and plastered across the faces and bodies of beautiful women in these paintings by French artist Sandra Chevrier. Some of them wear the comic collages as if they were clothing. Other times, the artwork sits across their face like a mask, occasionally obscuring their eyes and features.  According to Chevrier, the artwork is a commentary on the high expectations society gives us to become and even surpass a superhero. One comic series she includes in the work is The Death of Superman, which reveals the ultimate hero’s weakness and failed expectations. The women themselves impart a pensive gaze in their portraits. One woman looks out introspectively as we look at a scene of Superman and Wonder Woman kissing passionately. The work implores us to reflect on our longing to live up to our own expectations.  Source: antonio-e-ojeda_street-photography_2 antonio-e-ojeda_street-photography_3 antonio-e-ojeda_street-photography_4 antonio-e-ojeda_street-photography_5 antonio-e-ojeda_street-photography_6 antonio-e-ojeda_street-photography_7 antonio-e-ojeda_street-photography_8 antonio-e-ojeda_street-photography_9 antonio-e-ojeda_street-photography_10 antonio-e-ojeda_street-photography_11 antonio-e-ojeda_street-photography_12 antonio-e-ojeda_street-photography_13 black and white street photographs