Artist Rich McCor has the touristy photos from your last European vacation totally beat

You know that thing everyone does when they visit the Eiffel Tower or the Leaning Tower of Pisa— where they take a photo of themselves pretending to hold it up with their hands or squish the structure between their fingers? It’s a trick as old as the Renaissance – using perspective to create some sort of artistic illusion. London-based artist Rich McCor takes the touristy tradition and turns it on its creative head using humor, artistic skill, his surroundings and a finely tuned eye for possibility.

McCor’s technique is simple; using bits of black poster board, he cuts out various shapes, inserts them into fitting parts of the world’s cities most recognizable landmarks and snaps a photo. There’s the bicycle cut out gaining a missing wheel from the London Eye, a watch strap finding a face in Big Ben’s clock and a Lego man connecting to his legs via Paris’ Arc de Triomphe. The resulting photos are cheeky, thoughtful and a fun way to reimagine our most celebrated landmarks. [h/t]56291990b87e2 56291991dcd99 56291992ed4ac 56291996aaf4f 56291997d14c0 56291998d735d 56291999ea368 562919960fe15 562919984dd3c 5629199035ab1 56291991560b2 56291997434dc 562919996185e 5629199270460 5629199563368