Bagrad Badalian’s Experimental Photography

My name is Bagrad Badalian, I’m a multi-disciplinary artist working in the field of experimental photography. I create images that try to capture the human body in an abstract  and unconventional manner. I want to set my foot  in hidden realms of perception and want to capture shapes and colors that do not have the habit of meeting each other.


I use traditional/manual techniques to create the effects and ideas that I have, long exposure photography is one of those techniques that fascinates me since I have started practicing photography. It allows me to decompose the movement of time and control the aesthetic and imaginative potential of chance.



I create my images by following the results of the hazardous interactions that can arise between my photographic subjects and the different light sources that I put in my scenes.

The photograph that I capture is at first hand imperceptible with the naked eye,  unpredictable at the moment of its apparition and variable in it’s appearance,  It’s furtive nature forces me to blindly follow it’s footsteps and capture an impression of its remains.

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