Bear Kirkpatrick latest series is a search for the sacred

The dark, baroque-inspired photographs of New Hampshire-based photographer, Bear Kirkpatrick, evoke scenes from otherworldly dreams. In his two series, Hierophanies I and II, he seeks out a glimpse of the sacred hidden within the profane world. The term hierophany refers to a physical manifestation of the holy or sacred, such as in a sacred place or object. For the photo series, Kirkpatrick would hike miles into the wilderness to find the right locations, often enduring mosquitoes and pests and trudging through mud and swamp all along the way. Once there, he positioned nude models to create a visual dialog between humans and the natural world.

Of the work, Kirkpatrick says, “All that lives and breathes, dies, is part of a cycle of life and death, is a natural part of the profane world. The sacred world exists as a memory of a place before death.” [h/t]And-Up-They-Go-One-Two-Three_BeautifulDecay Inside-Isaiah-God-Saw-The-Worldsheet-Burning_BeautifulDecay The-Dread-And-Fear-Of-You_BeautifulDecay The-Masts-Bent-To-The-Water_BeautifulDecay The-Thought-Of-Thinking_BeautifulDecay The-Took-On-The-Language-Of-The-Enemy_BeautifulDecay They-Could-Take-Their-Salt-From-The-Ashes_BeautifulDecay They-Would-Fain-To-Blacken-Out-The-Heavens-With-Their-Bodies_BeautifulDecay Three-Days-In-He-Could-At-Last-Hear-The-Ocean_BeautifulDecay Weeping-They-Conveyed-Him-In-SIlence_BeautifulDecay