The Best Photography Strobe Lights for Budding Photographers

Today in Art Tools, we take a look at the best photography strobe lights. These lights are great for portrait and location photography because they are brighter, lower temperature and use less electricity than constant lights. Strobe lights also have constant color temperature for excellent skin tone rendering. They can be operated with a battery and power inverter for location work.

The most budget friendly light available is the Neewer C-180 mono-light. This light features a 180 w/s flash tube and a 75 watt constant modeling light. Also included with the light is the power cord and the camera synchronization cable. The flash power is adjustable from 1/8th power to full giving the user a wide range of adaptability for different lighting and environmental situations. This light is best for digital photographers who mostly shoot studio portraits. A more powerful light would be better for location work. Be warned that the mounting bracket is a little fragile and should be tightened with care. The Neewer C-180 mono-light sells for about $45.

Also available is a studio portrait kit which includes 2 Neewer C-180 mono-lights, 2 light stands, 2 reflector umbrellas and a wireless flash trigger. This kit is ideal for someone who doesn’t have any studio lights because it contains everything needed to get started. The portrait kit sells for $140.




Neewer also makes a more powerful 300 w/s mono-light. The features and construction of the 300 w/s light are very similar to the 180 w/s light reviewed in the paragraph above. This version is more powerful to provide greater versatility for location shoots and large studios. It is adjustable from ¼ to full power. Also included are the synchronization cable, power cord and modeling lamp. Owners of small studios should get the 180 w/s light because the 300 w/s lights may be unnecessarily powerful. Reviewers love this light for its price and versatility. This unit is not fan cooled, so some heavy users have experienced overheating issues. This unit is great for light to moderate use on studio or location photography projects. The Neewer 300w/s mono-light sells for $80.


The Cowboy studio 400 w/s mono-light is a great light for the photo student or aspiring professional. It features a 400 w/s flash tube, a 75 watt modeling lamp, removable reflector for attaching numerous light modifiers and fan cooling. The removable reflector allows for the attachment of grids, snoots and soft-boxes. These accessories give this light the ability to tackle any lighting scenario. The fan cooling prevents over heating and allows for the use of enclosed light modifiers such as soft boxes or fast action shooting. The power adjustment ranges from 1/16th to full power giving the user precise control of the lighting. Accessories included with this light are the power cable, sync cord and modeling lamp. The light is affordable, build with quality and durability of this light, but its rating of  400w/s maybe a tad overstated. Even with that said,  over all this a great light for the student, beginning photographer, or professional who wants to add a spare light to their arsenal. The Cowboy studio 400w/s mono-light sells for $130.

The Best Photography Strobe Lights for Budding Photographers

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