Breathtaking reflected landscapes by Jaewoon U

South Korean photographer Jaewoon U captures stunning pictures of the Korean landscape and its reflections in rivers and lakes. The colorful and vivid shots are taken at various seasons throughout the year and times of day. In some, hazy morning light blankets the ground in a dreamy mist. While in others, brilliant reds and yellows light up the forest in a signal of the changing of the season. The photos showcase the peaceful harmony of the countryside while adding in dramatic flare. So in case Korea wasn’t on your travel destination list before, these photos are sure to entice you there. [h/t]jaewoonlandscapes2 jaewoonlandscapes3 jaewoonlandscapes4 jaewoonlandscapes6 jaewoonlandscapes7 jaewoonlandscapes8 jaewoonlandscapes9 jaewoonlandscapes11 jaewoonlandscapes12