Colors of India by Alexandre Pietra

I’m a young Graphic Designer graduated from the ERACOM (School of Arts and Communication) in Lausanne, Switzerland. I studied graphic design for 4 years in an advertising agency. More than just a job, it became a passion. Adept of my job, but also curious by graphic trends, I like to inspire new visual worlds. Precision and reflection are my watchwords for works of great visual and artistic quality. ~Alexandre Pietra

India is a beautiful, mystical and friendly place. I decided to show those qualities of India during my exploration in Maharashtra. I am showing the spirit of street life in this magnificent country. Although, many of these people and towns are very poor, the power of their spirits will never fade away.3f84ad30599105.562b9bc8a8a5aThat is exactly what I wanted to enhance. In my images the people in the streets are constantly smiling, just enjoying the life they have, not paying too much attention to the material things. They have what they need, and that is enough for them to be happy. That should be a lesion for the greedy people around the world. With the little that they have, they are trying to create the colorful surrounding. Every house and every wall is painted with the bright color, making the street view astonishing. It is like living in a huge painting. 8c45b930599105.562a59ac3dfc6 8ceb3d30599105.562be196f2ab6 53c07930599105.562cab6abe741 639b1830599105.562b931a31edf 6364ac30599105.562b97c43e4f5 55384a30599105.562ca42055270 98974b30599105.562be26decefb 50323230599105.562cac694aeae af36a430599105.562a5204e4922 bb21d330599105.562bd987d917e d896ac30599105.562ca80f75b64 e28a0530599105.562ca0a75a61d