Double exposure portraits by Alon

My Name is Alon, I am a DC based Art Director and designer. I have been developing double exposure portraits for a while now. The process for the creating a good double exposure all starts with the quality of the portrait. The reality is that not all images are created equal. Resolution and lighting play a huge role. Though even when the images are high rez, sometimes the combining process works and sometimes it doesn’t. It just comes down to lots of trial and error before finally getting it right. ~Alonalon_avissar_audrey_hepburn alon_avissar_glass_girl alon_avissar_kandace alon_avissar_mom alon_avissar_queen Autumn_Alon_Avissar Seasons_Alon_Avissar Spring_Alon_Avissar Summer_Alon_Avissar Winter__Alon_Avissar