Dramatic photos of waves by Warren Keelan

Warren Keelan captures the beauty of ocean waves in motion. The Australia-based photographer spends most of his days in and around the ocean constantly searching for the perfect moments to record on camera. And he succeeds at capturing the sea in all its moods. The colors and composition in each piece is ever-changing, sometimes roiling with energy while at other times displaying a much calmer rhythm.

“I’ve always had a fascination with nature, especially the ocean and its ever changing forms, and I am compelled to capture and share what I feel are special and unique moments in the sea,” he says on his website. “I love the raw, unpredictable nature of water in motion and the way sunlight brings it all to life, from both above and below the surface.” [source]WarrenKeelan_Congeal WarrenKeelan_Contours WarrenKeelan_DarkCrystal WarrenKeelan_Firebird WarrenKeelan_Layers WarrenKeelan_LimeCobra WarrenKeelan_Nautilus WarrenKeelan_Pastels WarrenKeelan_Suncrest WarrenKeelan_Teal