Edo Bertoglio’s New York Polaroids 1976-1989

Photographer Edo Bertoglio gives us a peek into New York from a different era in his photo diary published this year. Using images shot exclusively with his personal Polaroid camera, Bertoglio takes us back to a grittier time in New York’s history and to the artists and musicians who thrived in its neighborhoods.

The book is titled New York Polaroids 1976-1989 and the artist fills it with candid, spontaneous images of friends and famous artists. Included are images of people such as Andy Warhol and Madonna from their younger days. “Polaroids were a way to document everything that was around me,” Bertoglio said. “Friends, parties, interiors, things, trips, souvenirs in general—a sort of a diary of my life. Nowadays people do that with iPhones, but back then Polaroids were the only way to share moments with friends.” [h/t juxtapoz.com]JuxtapozEdoBertoglio000 JuxtapozEdoBertoglio001 JuxtapozEdoBertoglio002 JuxtapozEdoBertoglio003 JuxtapozEdoBertoglio004 JuxtapozEdoBertoglio009 JuxtapozEdoBertoglio010 JuxtapozEdoBertoglio011 JuxtapozEdoBertoglio014 JuxtapozEdoBertoglio016