Explorations of the sacred and profane by Donatella Izzo

The combination of the opposites, real and surreal, rational and sensory, but above all sacred and profane, is the center of my interest and narration. I use photography as favorite medium, although not the only one, to recreate a personal and intimistic universe bound to the deepest and submerged self. I don’t like describing or interpreting, I prefer speaking through metaphors and symbologies, letting the spectator make the image their own, interpreting it according to diverse and personal levels of understanding. My primary interest is the sense of the image, not its aesthetic perfection, its own ability to stir emotions. Not narrating, but evoking, inducing the user to dig in their “memory” to find moods or past, suffocated, abandoned atmospheres. ~Donatella Izzo

In my latest series “Forse così non mi vedi” (perhaps like this you don’t see me), through a set of self-portraits, I investigate and ask myself about the border between being MOTHER and WOMAN at the same time, starting a tortuous conflict on my body between SACREDNESS and CORPOREALITY.cd5602_96d983c8e90c4aea8683af0248b0973eAlmost as I’m playing a childish game with my daughter, I cover my face, naively hoping to hide my body too, in a process of concealment to divert attention and ensure that my own creature doesn’t notice me. At least for just a moment…just the time to rest…… My body colors itself white, grey, black and the skin and its marks get deleted……… Everyday objects become the scenes which hide the scene; The physical appearance restricts… while the female breasts remain evident.cd5602_895fdae464b54666826620d550ee9286It’s in the time of alienation in the role of MOTHER that new objects and symbols emerge on my body. They are inner indelible marks linked to a Catholic-Christian education wherewith I cohabit in a wild love-hate alternate.

I’m far from doctrines set by religion, from dogmas, from commandments, from the same foundation on which religion is placed (and other religions), but at the same time I’m steadily curious and attracted by them. My body also becomes white paper to register a form of protest to that part of Catholicism which considers me a sinner, Since I’m an unmarried mother. cd5602_231ca87f42ab4c999c37e3af811d1843cd5602_ac83fd0a58ed47bfb427f7a366a16929cd5602_c7f8aba3323d4803ba0b7cbd003b8369 cd5602_53055961356f4c009c7c6ff62d45c8c8 cd5602_a59ab25e98ce41bb90e7b48e951ab790 cd5602_b95a6fa27ab44516ac958b052b62558ecd5602_f3793791f549467d80d3f6d5c7d1295a cd5602_c4533168f9cf44d9bb68d475e365eee6 cd5602_d5cd112573ed4280851dba0cf08390ad cd5602_e8c33c125df34466a3305a7c42a51a43 cd5602_e063cbe511ff4dd79b28593440df722e