Exploring PSD with the photography of Alice Teeple

My work examines the often disastrous effects of military PTSD on the family structure. After reading about my grandfather’s experience in Guadalcanal, I embarked on a yearlong examination of how his trauma and mental fallout affected two subsequent generations of family. I created a series of self portraits embodying this, playing characters based on various fears.~Alice TeepleAlice_Teeple_2
 These issues, although addressed today, are still prevalent in the fabric of our society. I wonder how many other families have struggled in secret from this, and hope to illustrate that honorable discharge does not mean the war has ever ended. The ripple effect continues for generations. As more present-day veterans return to their families, the subject of mental health is more poignant than ever in our society.  Alice_Teeple_11 Alice_Teeple_15 Alice_Teeple_1 Alice_Teeple_8 Alice_Teeple_7 Alice_Teeple_6 Alice_Teeple_5