Flowering insect wings by Seb Janiak

Paris-based photographer, Seb Janiak was inspired by mimicry in the natural world and sought to incorporate it into his own photographic works. He wanted to explore this phenomenon where one animal develops appendages, textures, and colors directly mimicking other species of animals or their surroundings. His series, Mimesis, looks into this process in detail by depicting the wings of insects as if they were flower petals.

Janiak creates each piece by perusing antique stores and taxidermist shops. There, he finds models of wings which he photographs at high resolution. Without using any digital manipulation, he creates the blooming effect of the wings by utilizing analog photography in combination with superimposition and photomontage.

The series comprises 22 pieces and was shown for the first time at the Photo Shanghai art fair last September. [h/t thisiscolossal.com]seb-3 seb-10 seb-9 seb-8 seb-6 seb-4 seb-2