Franz Schumacher – Nature Photographed in One Point Perspective

As an art student I was taught that to be a great painter you must use one part instinct, and one part trained skill. After all, what good is a wild imagination if you don’t have the discipline and patience to depict it somehow? While I heartily agree, I realize that the principles that guide classical art forms ring true in more ‘modern’ ones as well. Franz Schumacher, a German photographer, addresses this approach in his artist statement, and even writes “Good photography is first determined by the motif of classical genres and the school, which leads to specific and recognizable picture languages.”

Schumacher’s work on harvest time landscapes and storms are reminiscent of classic paintings themselves. Combining the power of one point perspective and natures vibrant colors, each piece exhibits like a controlled burst of emotion. An angry sky, a soothing stretch of green fields, the uncertain, fragile pillars of trees. As a viewer, you can draw away from the world around you and step into the vast spaces in Schumacher’s photographs, with only the sounds of nature to disrupt your thoughts.